Net Tansor: The Voyeur Robot



We all remember those godawful X10 pop-up-over-under ads that plagued the net the way libido-booster ads plague late-night telly. Apparently tiny wireless webcams weren’t enough for one planet, so Friendly Robotics have stepped up with the Net Tansor, which is a robotic wireless webcam. It can run for two and a half hours on its batteries, and you can issue instructions to it remotely, so you can tell it to, oh, I don’t know, make sure the shower is empty so you’ll know if you’ll be able to have one when you get home. If somebody happens to be in the shower, well, it was an innocent mistake, and it’s not your Net Tansor anyhow, it’s Bob’s. Darn that Bob. [GT]

Net Tansor [via SciFi Tech]

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