LINDY's Wi-Fi Finder and spy detector


With laptops steadily becoming a holiday essential and Wi-Fi hotspots popping up everywhere, keeping up to date with things like Tech Digest is now pretty easy. One thing can still be a bit of problem, is tracking down those Wi-Fi hotspots and, as I once discovered, wandering round with an open laptop to look for a signal is fraught with danger.

Luckily there are plenty of Wi-Fi detectors available and the prices are dropping fast. LINDY has released this Wi-Fi Finder which picks up any 802.11b/g and Bluetooth networks, showing their strength on a simple red yellow and green indicator. It has a range of 50m and would probably also fit quite nicely on a keyring.

An amusing feature and one that I expect you hope never to have to use, is the Spy detector. A switch basically just changes the scanning frequency on to one commonly used by wireless cameras. Then you can tell if some shadowy, international organisation is watching your every move.

The Wi-Fi finder is available now for £19.99 which compares pretty reasonably with other similar products out there.

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