Ms. Dewey: Search engine with a really annoying personality



In a world where “Google” has become a verb, how can any other search engine hope to compete? For the brains behind Ms. Dewey, the answer was a flash site in the style of Subservient Chicken (which is really not what you’re expecting in a search engine) in which Ms. Dewey will make comments about your search terms. The site may be occasionally entertaining, but it is really annoying to have the character standing there loudly flipping magazine pages while you’re trying to research a topic. Presumably Ms. Dewey is trying to draw meme-attention to herself in order to launch a career, but some of her suggestive comments and poses lead one to wonder, a career in, ah, what exactly? [GT]

Ms. Dewey via [ Trendhunter]

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Gabrielle Taylor
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