Many Orange broadband subscribers lose connections


orange.jpgThere have been reports of woe for a large number of Orange broadband subscribers who have not had broadband connections since Monday afternoon due to network equipment failure.

I’ve heard previous complaints about Orange broadband customer service, so it’s not a great surprise that there’s been no response for further information, except for a statement on their website saying that engineers are working on the issues. Quite how you’re supposed to access their website if you’re an Orange BB user is another matter.

Orange broadband was previously Wanadoo, which itself took over the Freeserve brand owned by Dixons. For the industry as a whole, this can’t be doing its reputation much good. High prices, poor service and false claims are all things consumers could do without.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Many Orange broadband subscribers lose connections

  • for me and many other Orange broadband users this problem has been going on since long before Monday I just wish I had seen some of the many hundreds of complaints posted on the web before signing up with Orange. I have been trying to resolve a problem with my non existent Broadband connection for five weeks now, contacting the call centre in India about twenty times, to no avail. Each time I call, at my expense, I receive the same script and absolutely no assistance or attempt to resolve the problem whatsoever. It is quite apparent to me that no-one had any intention of dealing with my issue. This is absolute robbery, Orange has a stranglehold on any current customers and proceed to take advantage of this by doing absolutely nothing to resolve problems but letting customers persistently call premium rate numbers, using every trick in the book to prolong phone calls and they seem to be able to operate with complete imunity from laws which are supposed to protect consumers. Orange are nothing more than legal gangsters! This Extortion must not continue. I urge everyone else who has been muged off by them to complain to OFCOM, ISPA, Trading Standards, Consumer Direct and anyone else who will listen. Together our voices ‘might’ be heard.

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