Internet roaming – are you being ripped off?


Are you being ripped off for using the internet out and about? According to a new survey by Webaroo, you could be paying up to 28 times more for the your net access on the go, compared to the cost of access at home.

London was found to be the most expensive city in Europe, charging hotel guests on average £19.70 €29.08 for access for 24 hours. The second most expensive city was Munich (€25.32), closely followed by Paris (€21.20) Rome (€19.60) and Barcelona (€19.60). Worst hotel? That’s the Hilton in London, costing £20 ( €29.84 ) compared to the same hotel costing €22 in Berlin. Internet café charged on average £1.77 an hour in most European countries, while airports chanrge on average £12.82 (€19) for 24 hours net use.

Obviously Webaroo thinks you should browse offline using their downloadable web packs, saving yourself the connection charges. Except of course, we often want access to more current content. What do you think? Are roaming charges excessive? Let us know.

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Dave Walker
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