Neverlate alarm clock – schedule your weekly alarm calls


The Neverlate alarm clock is a gadget for organised people – the kind of people that do weekly shops, keep track of their bank balances – and plan when they need to get up every day of the week.

The Neverlate is specifically designed so you can program in your weekly schedule and never have to worry about changing the alarm clock for any day of the week. So when you slump into bed after a heavy night out, there’s no need to worry about setting the alarm – because you’ll have done it when you were at your best on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, if you had one now, you could even take into account the clocks going back – because you’ll only forget on Saturday night.

There’s seven programmable alarms for each day of the week, as well as an adjustable snooze timer and AM/FM radio. it retails for around £40.

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Dave Walker
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