Hitachi unveils transflective IPS LCD screen for mobile phones

Mobile phones

TV on your mobile is likely to be much bigger news next year – but there could be a problem with seeing your screen in the daylight. Which is where Hitachi’s transflective IPS LCD screen comes in.

The IPS LCD screen is a thin panel with improved outdoor visibility and – so they claim – with a much higher picture quality and wide viewing angle, using the world’s first Transflective IPS-Pro system. All this improves visibility in bright outdoor conditions for mobile phones, particularly when it comes to TV reception.

The Transflective IPS LCD module now in commercial production provides improved visibility in bright outdoor conditions using a reflection unit fitted to the picture element structure, so that reflections from bright outdoor lights lighting up the LCD can also be used for displaying images. As a result, images are generated in the usual manner by transmissive lights from the backlight in indoor environments where the brightness is comparatively low, and illuminated by reflective lights in bright outdoor conditions.

Commercial production started in September, so expect it in your mobile sometime next year.

Hitachi website

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