DJ Bear cute iPod speaker with plug 'n' play pocket

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djbear.jpgThis has to register highly on the ‘cute’ scale when it comes to iPod speakers. Forget white plastic and moulded corners, this is soft, fluffy, and friendly.

Yes, it’s the DJ Bear (though that’s perhaps a little grand given that the bear just sits there, neither spinning the platters nor making light, jokey conversation about current affairs in between top 40 pop).

What he does offer is a plug ‘n’ play pocket where you sit and plug your iPod or other audio device, and a press ‘n’ play paw which will turn the sound on and off. Stereo sound then emanates from the speakers in his feet.

It runs off four AAA batteries and measures 7.5 x 6cms. Priced at US$39.99.

Product page (via Coolest Gadgets)

Andy Merrett
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