T-Mobile supports OneWebDay and publishes top 10 web'n'walk websites


T-Mobile is right behind OneWebDay and is campaigning for consumers to embrace the mobile Internet by blogging, uploading pictures or just browsing the web to contribute to online culture and diversity. In particular they’re keen to emphasise the growing importance of mobile Internet.

Half-a-million T-Mobile handsets are able to access the web’n’walk service, and the 10 most popular sites visited are:

1. bebo.com (social networking)
2. amazon.co.uk (online retailer)
3. cheekyflirt.com (Dating)
4. autotrader.co.uk (Autos)
5. thetrainline.co.uk (Train ticket booking)
6. HSBC.co.uk (Banking)
7. yell.com (Business directory)
8. play.com (CDs/DVDs)
9. gumtree.co.uk (Accommodation finder)
10. rightmove.co.uk (Property finder)

The Mobile Data Association estimated that in July, 13.2million people used their phones to access some form of mobile Internet service, reflecting a growing global trend. Browsing, blogging, checking email and more are possible and a rapidly increasing number of customers are using the mobile Internet to save time and stay in the loop when they’re out and about.

T-Mobile Web’n’Walk

Andy Merrett
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