Aero Garden – an indoor vegetable patch without the dirt


Allotments are all the range right now, but waiting lists are usually in years, especially in the cities. And when you get one, you’ll probably give up on it two days into clearing the weeds. But there is an easier and cleaner way to grow salad and herbs – the Aero Garden.

The Aero Garden grows your vegetables andf herbs at the touch of a button – and it’s all by water and air (or aeroponics tecnhnology to be more precise) – not a bit of dirt in sight. The manufacturers also claim it’s 100% natural and organic based and grows your plants five times faster than soil, with a guaranteed harvest in just 28 days.

You can buy a kit online that includes everything you need, except the water. If you haven’t got your own garden ot vegetable patch, you can pick up the Aero Garden online for around $150.

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Dave Walker
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