TEAC unveil latest thin hi-fi system: CD-X9

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TEAC have released their latest CD and radio stereo system, the very flat CD-X9. It features NXT’s flat panel loudspeakers, and very nice they look too, given our new fascination with thin technology (TVs, hi-fi, iPods). It can even be wall-mounted.

Though it doesn’t feature the most up-to-date tech in other areas – for example, it sports an AM/FM radio not DAB – it’s still a nice piece of kit at reasonable price. The only brick-like object that comes with it is the subwoofer which offers enhanced bass.

The 3.5 inch main unit is decked out in matt silver, features a vertical-loading CD which looks quite good, and supports all CD formats. The radio is 20-preset AM/FM. It has a multi-function LCD with backlight, digital clock with sleep/timer, and remote control.

It should be available now, priced £180.

Teac web site

Andy Merrett
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