Sony adds HDMI and cuts price of 20GB PS3 console

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It’s debatable whether Sony’s 20GB PS3 will make it the UK, but if ti does, Sony has made it slightly more attractive to buyers, adding an HDMI connector and cutting the retail price – in Japan anyway.

When Sony officially launched the PS3 in May, it said only the 60GB model would ship with an HDMI 1.3 port for connection to an HD-ready TV. However, as the 20GB machine also features a Blu-ray drive, it seemed like a strange decision. Obviously, Sony has had second thoughts – so HDMI will now feature.

This and the cheaper price tag (should it make it over here) could now make it a worthwhile opton for anyone wanting to try out Blu-ray. The Japanese launch price will be 49,980 Yen, which is £226.

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Via The Register

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