Blockbusters and The Price Is Right – 80s TV nostalgia goes interactive


"Come on down!" and "Can I have a P please Bob?" – two of the most annoying used lines of the 80s – as part of The Price Is Right and Blockbusters respectively. And if you’re in the mood for a bit of nostalgia, you can play both again in the comfort of your own home, with the interactive DVD games from Circle.

The Price Is Right interactive DVD game follows the TV show’s format and is hosted by Joe Pasquale (obviously, contacting Leslie Crowther from the grave was asking a bit much). As in the show, you come on down to Contestants Row, win through and play some games, usually involving the price of a tin of peas or cooking oil. Get through that and it’s showcase showdown time!

Blockbusters was far more serene – with a format of one swot versus two swots, with a bit of banter from Mr Hairspray, Bob Holness. Win the round and attempt the Gold Run for prizes. And that’s where both games fall down. No-one goes on a quiz show (except maybe Mastermind) to show off their intellect – it’s all about the prizes. You  might have a few laughs along the way, but there’s bound to be disappointment when the fortnight in Jamica fails to appear.

Out for Christmas, prices to be confirmed.

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Dave Walker
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