20GB Sony PS3 unlikely to hit the UK


The 20GB Sony PSP is already getting a mauling before its even hit the shops. But for UK buyers, it’s probably academic, with only the 60GB PS3 likely to hit our stores according to the head of Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK operation, Ray Maguire.

In an interview with UK games industry weekly MCV, Macguire said: "The lower-end, 20GB version of [the] PlayStation 3 has no Wi-Fi, no HDMI and none of the other slots in it, so it’s really a question of where we would position it. It’s more likely that we will only launch the 60GB version."

He also backtracked slightly from the set price of £425 he quoted last week – but only slightly: "We have time to watch the yen and be flexible, but that 60GB version looks like £425 in the UK at the moment," Macguire told MCV.

The price, according to Macguire, is not one intended to appeal to the mass market but was more geared toward early adopters.

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One thought on “20GB Sony PS3 unlikely to hit the UK

  • Anyone who buys a PS3 in the first year are bound to be disappointed.

    As with the first PSX, PS2, XBox and XBox 360 – the PS3 will have technical & quality problems for at least the first year. Sony does not seem to have their kit together and only a short period until the first units role of the assembly line. But apart from poor reliability, there are quite a few other reasons why I think many people will sit back and delay paying a high price for the PS3 system.

    According to developers the Cell Processor used in the PS3 is overly complicated and difficult to write code for. As a result, the performance is not proving to be anywhere near as great as Sony had first claimed. Judging from the E3 Expo; developers are having a hard time bettering XBOX 360 level graphics and an even harder time supporting any useful level of AI and Physics calculations due the weak branch prediction in the Cell design. The complex nature in getting performance out of the Cell processor means that quality games won’t be in available in any worthwhile number for at least a year after the PS3 is released.

    Because of the complexities with game development, Sony has promoted the concept of in-game-advertising as a method of covering the added cost, and improving return on investment. Whilst many of these developers are very happy with this approach, I personally feel there will be a backlash from consumers angry about this kind of intrusion particularly considering they have paid $60 to 100 for the game.

    The PS3 system cannot support the dual 1080p displays using Dual HDMI ports originally promised by Sony last year. The top model contains a single HDMI port and the lower spec model does not have a HDMI port at all. There is some confusion surrounding models with and without the HDMI ports and their ability to support High Definition movies in the future. So far Sony has only suggested that people should be able to use the PS3 without HDMI for at least four years. But many people wont be happy with that and based on track record, Sony’s word is not that good from what we have seen from the past.

    Add into this mix the uncertainty is Sony’s Proprietary Blu-Ray Disc which they are promoting in favour of the High Definition DVD standard. Microsoft is making the most of the situation, and will likely release an external HD DVD player for around $100 – $200 when the PS3 enters the market.

    PS3 will also be over priced at launch, and with few quality games. It is likely that Sony will drop the price by at least $200 twelve months after the release and will hopefully have most of the bugs ironed out.

    For me, my recommendation is to purchase the vastly less expensive $200 – $250 Nintendo Wii (which looks like real fun) and sit tight to see how it pans out.

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