Fears raised over 20GB PS3 specs


The eagle-eyed chaps at HD Beat had a browse through the newly released specs for the two 20GB and 60GB PS3s. Seems that naughty Sony
neglected to mention that instead of mere 40GB drop in storage space,
that £70 saving costs you a lot in terms of functionality. According to
the recently released specs, the 20GB version lacks: 1) HDMI output, 2)
Wireless network, 3) Memory card reader.

If this proves correct then when you buy a 20GB PS3 your Blu-ray movies
could be downscaled to Standard Definition, you’ll miss out on that
neat wireless PSP functionality and won’t even be able to add things by
just inserting your Memory Stick and every six hours a large mechanical
leg will reach out to kick you square in the nethers. Probably. Let’s
hope this was just horrific oversight in the fact sheet at some earlier


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