E3: Xbox 360 to get Grand Theft Auto 4


In, surprisingly, the most exciting of the E3 press conferences,
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Xbox exec Peter Moore took to the
stage to announce a raft of new Xbox 360 developments. The big news:
Microsoft have managed to secure the next GTA, Grand Theft Auto 4, as a
day one release, presumably shared with PS3. And that Microsoft have
exclusives of all download extra content. The game is currently set to
launch on October 16, 2007.

Now, what Bill had to say…

The other news: Microsoft will have sold over 5 million Xbox 360s
worldwide by end of
June; Konami, Capcom, Namco and Midway are all releasing retro classic
games (including Pac-Man, Defender and Street Fighter II) on Xbox Live
Arcade as paid-for downloads; an Xbox Live wireless headset, steering
wheel and camera are all planned for this autumn; the Xbox 360 HD-DVD
add-on movie drive will launch in 2006; LiveAnywhere will hook up
Windows Vista PCs, Xbox 360s and Windows mobile devices into one
coherent Live environment, with a unified user ID and cross-platform
play, messaging and downloads.

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