Solwise HomePlug Ethernet Adaptor – home networking through your home wiring

Wireless home

   Solwise has introduced the HomePlug Ethernet Adaptor, which streams a home network over your home wiring, with speeds up  to 200Mbps.

The HomePlug Adaptor can support full multimedia home networking throughout the whole house including simultaneous High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video distribution, whole-house audio, VoIP and high speed internet in addition to data networking. Enhanced Quality of Service (QOS) also provides the guaranteed bandwidth reservations for multimedia streaming including TV over IP (IPTV), higher data rate broadband sharing, online gaming, VoIP and for extending Wireless LANs coverage.

It’s plug and play and can be used wherever there’s a plug socket. It also comes with a 128-bit AES encryption ensuring that your network communications is secure. Expect to see the HomePlug Ethernet Adaptor in late October for around £75.

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Dave Walker
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