i-deck compact speaker system for the iPod

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Now available to buy is the i-deck compact – a slimmed down version of the i-deck iPod speaker system.

Unlike the old i-deck, this is an all-in-one design, with the amplifier, dock and speakers are all integrated to save on space and to create a portable sound system that still offers a strong output, helped along by its 4-inch Bass drivers for added depth and a clear mid-range. It’s also got built-in outputs for video, so you can watch your downloads on a big screen. There’s also a remote control and of course, it charges your iPod while it plays.

The i-deck compact comes with iPod dock adaptors for iPod 3G, 4G, mini and photo and is compatible with Apple’s universal ‘well’ integration for iPod nano and 5G plus any future generations of iPod without the need for upgrades or inserts. There’s also an audio input for use with other devices. Available in white-grey or black, it’s priced at £149.

i-deck website

Dave Walker
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