Navman officially launches new N-Series range – N20, N40i and N60i

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Rumours of new GPS devices from Navman have been floating around of late, but we now have official confirmation of them. Navman’s new slimline N-Series range – the N20, N40i and N60i – all use NavPix technology and feature touchscreens with an anti-fingerprint surface.

NavPix technology allows you to navigate using pictures rather than just addresses – directing you to famous landmarks using data from the NavPix library hosted on the Navman website. Download a picture of where you want to go, touch the image and you’ll be guided there. With the N40i and N60i devices, you can also create your own photo library using the integrated 1.3 megapixel camera – uploading them for sharing on the Navman site.

The entry-level Navman N20 (£249) features a 3.5-inch screen, with clear mapping and voice instructions to your destination, which you choose via NavPix, postcode or address. It also features optional live traffic updates, Back on Track technology (if you get lost) and a pre-loaded safety camera database.

The Navman N40i (£299) features an integrated camera to create your own NavPix for uploading to the NavPix site. It features the same traffic updates and safety camera information as the N20, but also features the second-generation SirfStar III chipset for a stronger, faster signal. An included CD set contains European mapping data which can be uploaded onto the device. The top-end Navman N60i (£399) has all the features of the N40i, but with European mapping pre-installed. It also features a 4.3-inch colour widescreen display.

All devices should be available later this month.

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