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I tend to know how much I’ve had to drink – a slight slurring of words, a feeling of wellbeing and the occasional loss of balance are the usual warning signs of a bit too much. But if you want something more precise, there’s now the iBreath – a breathalyser add-on for your iPod from David Steele Enterprises.

I imagine the first problem with this is trying to plug it together and use it after a few drinks. If you manage that, you just fold out the "blow wand" and exhale into it for five seconds. The iBreath then works out your level of alcohol consumption. Which might be useful if you’re wondering where your money went the morning after. Once that novelty of that wears off, you’ll be pleased to know that it also doubles up as a transmitter to send your tunes wirelessly to an FM radio.

Available now in either black or white, it retails for $79.

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Via The Register

Dave Walker
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