RoamEO – GPS navigation for your pets

Satellite Navigation systems

  We’ve all seen them – hapless pet owners wandering the streets in search of their bolted dog. Now there’s a solution to asking every loitering teen if they’ve seen a dog running down their way – the RoamEO – GPS navigation system for your pets.

You get a locating device and a GPS-enabled collar – the collar maing available the location and movement of your wandering pet. There is one downside – once your dog goes beyond the one mile tracking distance, it falls off the radar. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you can set up a "GPS fence" that will send audible alerts if that perimeter is breached. Not fool-proof, but it should give an early warning.

US only as far as we can see. The system costs $459 for the initial kit and $149 for each additional collar.

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