EMI agrees to provide free music to SpiralFrog

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Another major music label agreed to provide its music catalogue to the soon-to-be-launched SpiralFrog ad-supported music download service.

EMI have offered their entire music catalogue, not long after SpiralFrog did a deal with Universal Music.

EMI’s co-CEO Roger Faxon said “It is a very exciting concept which fuses advertising with music downloads and other services to recapture consumer demand which has been hijacked by online piracy.”

I’ll be honest I never thought I’d see a time when record companies agreed to give their music away online for free. Whether they’re getting a cut of the advertising – well there must be something in it for them. Maybe everyone involved in SpiralFrog believes that it will lead people further and further into legitimate music – and that they’ll start wanting to pay for it.

We’ll see.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “EMI agrees to provide free music to SpiralFrog

  • In response to your post about whether or not an ad-supported music service would work well, I believe it will. This is not the first ad-supported music service. I am a college student who is a member of Ruckus. Ruckus allows me to download all the music I want for free because it is ad-supported. There are downsides to the service. Chief amoung the downsides are portability and selection. Ruckus only works with WMA supported mp3 players which, leaves my ipod out. The selection is not complete by any means but, with over a 1.5 million songs, there is certainly a wide selection. I know longer download music illegally partly because I can get most of my music from legitimate services. I hope my experience has given you a better outlook for the future of ad-based music services. After all, we watch ads for free television. Why not music?

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