Apple's Mac Mini gets a minor makeover


Not quite as exciting as yesterday’s 24-inch iMac announcement, but if you’re in the market for something more modest from Apple, you might like to know that the company has given the Mac Mini a makeover.

The £529 model now sports a 1.83GHz Core Duo processor – up in speed from 1.66GHz. The £399 model has also had a speed boost – now using a 1.66GHz Core Duo processor instead of a 1.5GHz Core Solo. Both run the CPU on a 667MHz FSB with 512MB of DDR2 RAM and have AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth. The £399 model has 60GB of storage and a combo drive, while the more £520 version boosts storage to 80GB of storage and features a SuperDrive.

Both are available to order now from the Apple store.

Apple website

Via The Register

Dave Walker
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