Mobile phones could become portable TV recorders

Mobile phones

Texas Instruments is set to introduce a mobile phone that can record TV programmes using the DVB-H handheld digital video broadcast standard to record short extracts of TV for later viewing. It will also have picture-in-picture (PIP) technology (hope it has a big screen) to allow two programmes to be watched at once.

TI have done research that suggests mobile users would watch up to 3 hours of TV per day on their phones, but in snippets of 2-10 minutes at a time and particularly during a commute and at meal times.

Whether it will catch oon will depend upon broadcasters providing content in this format, operators streaming in, and consumers actually wanting it. The actual technology is expected to be available en masse during 2007.

It could be something that increases in popularity though. ITV recently started streaming ITV1 and ITV Play to the 3 Network.

Are you interested in mobile TV, and what sort of devices would you want to be able to watch it on?

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Mobile phones could become portable TV recorders

  • While the research is accurate as far as who would even think about watching TV on mobiles, I just don’t see much here for any time in the near future.

    Watch 3 hours of TV on a mobile, go home and watch TV and then watch as you’re going to bed? Are we this obsessed with television? Studies don’t seem to agree with that.

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