Ironic eBay auction of the day: Steve Irwin's signed stingray

eBay goodies from Bayraider

Okay, so your view on this auction will be influenced by how cynically you view the notion that some time before his untimely death at the hands (well, barb) of a stingray, Steve Irwin had actually signed a plush stingray toy. Yet that’s the tale of this auction, found by Bayraider. If true, the irony of it is enough to make you weep. If a con, the seller deserves to be fed to the crocs. Either way, they want at least $1,500 for it.

Also today on Bayraider: a pair of Calvin Klein pants signed by Calvin himself (hopefully he won’t now die in a bizarre underwear-related accident), and Glenn Close’s Oscar-night dress, which looks like something a Tron extra might wear.

Stuart Dredge
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