Miglia introduce Diva 2.1 teeny computer speakers

Computers, Home audio, MP3 players

Miglia have launched their Diva 2.1 speakers designed specially for PCs and portable music players. They feature an aluminium subwoofer tube which can be installed at the back of your computer, and then two regular speaker units which can be placed for stereo. It comes with a power supply to drive it.

Speakers are 3W per channel plus the 6W subwoofer, and comes with a 3.5mm mini jack for connecting to the computer or music player.

It comes in brushed aluminium and the satellite speakers look pretty good. It’ll sit at the base of your monitor quite happily. Presumably the subwoofer takes more power than could be driven from a USB port, so it will tie up another power outlet, but it’s worth it for the improved sound quality.

It’s available now for £69.

Miglia web site

Andy Merrett
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