iPod Shuffle shrinks: "world's smallest MP3 player"

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Apple have redesigned the iPod Shuffle and it’s shrunk in size, to just 1.62 × 1.07 × 0.41 inches, including the clip, and weighs half an ounce. It really is wearable on your sleeve or shirt pocket – in fact anywhere you can clip it – and comes with the earbuds and a USB dock. There’s even a free engraving offer at the Apple Store. It’s made of sleek, durable anodized aluminum.

With a 1Gb memory it will store up to 240 songs, and as its name suggests (as per previous models) you can have it randomly load from your iTunes library, and shuffle whilst playing. Apple claim a 12 hour battery life.

Available for £55 from the Apple Store, it can be pre-ordered now and will ship in October.

Andy Merrett
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  • I love it! I love my Shuffle now. Just think, if I had waited just a few more months I could have spent $10 more and had twice the storage. Apple seriously needs to fix the iTunes software for Windows.

  • GREAT!! Some thing else for me to loose!! Why does every thing think everything has to bee small?? They should of tweeked the old one and slaped a screen on it!! and why does it look like a section of the mini??

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