iTunes 7 install: A glimpse of the coming iPhone?


I’ll be posting a first-look review of iTunes 7 (announced today) very soon, but first I thought I’d share this screenshot (click image left for an enlargement) which may suggest that iTunes is ready for a phone… an iPhone?

As far as I know (despite the murmuring of some analysts) the iPhone is not official.

Be that as it may, a look at the custom installation screen of iTunes 7 suggests that some kind of phone is on its way. Why else would you have an (at present non-selectable) ‘iTunes Phone Driver‘?

I may be totally off target here… most people will just click ‘Easy Install’ – but why else would Apple put this little driver (albeit unusable at present) in the installation? A slip, or a geeky way of saying “iPhone’s coming soon”?

OK so it’s useless now, but maybe not for long.

What do you reckon?

Update: A comment elsewhere suggests “It is probably for the slvr and whatever other itunes enabled phones there are on the market.” Aww shame, if that’s true. Still it was worth the dream. An Apple iPhone probably won’t need a driver to be explicitly installed.

Andy Merrett
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  • 🙂 This is what I am talking about!! A REAL ipod phone…that’s more like i apple!! Instead of making a new nano what hasnt been out for like a complet year you need to making up some new stuff!!!

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