Inflatable Grinch sleigh slides onto eBay

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Thinking of delivering presents to all and sundry in your town this Christmas, spreading joy and happiness throughout the community? But not sure your knackered old VW Polo is up to the job? What you need is a customised snowmobile with a 14-foot inflatable toy sack on the back. Preferably one that’s been built as a prop for a suitably seasonal movie, say, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. But where would you find such a thing?

On Bayraider, that’s where. Our eBay-loving sister blog has found just such a sleigh, currently going for the reasonable price of $2,000. Also today on Bayraider: Elvis Presley’s Death Coathanger, and a tour jacket worn by Will Smith’s choreographer in the Fresh Prince days. Word.

Stuart Dredge
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