Computer Keep-Fit


As Propellerhead can confirm sitting staring at a computer monitor all day is bad news, health-wise, but if you just can’t spare the time to get down the gym then take a break and try a few simple exercises. Here’s a couple of websites to get you started. Deskercize from the University of California Human Resources and Benefits department has a particularly imaginative selection. ‘Firm your Fanny’ and ‘Seventh Inning Reach and Stretch’ sound quite interesting and fellow workers will treat you with new respect after seeing you doing a ‘Ready for Fight’ workout.

If that sounds a bit too much like hard work then head over to Desktop Yoga with Ellen Serber, and she will take you through a series of exercises to alleviate the strain of working at a computer and help you to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and begin, I can set yourself up for a calmer, happier, more productive day, Just don’t fall asleep… Looking for more PC health and safety tips? Then head over to the archive at PCTopTips

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