Yay or Nay: The Loc8tor


OK here I am pretending it’s still Wednesday, because Wednesday is Yay or Nay day (or, ahem, sometimes Thursday)

I wrote about the Loc8tor earlier this week (read here), a tracking device for your keys, wallet, kids, false teeth…

But is it hot, or not?

Is it worth getting the additional tags and attaching them to things? What’s the betting you’ll lose something that you never thought needed tagging?

What do you reckon. Yay or nay?

Andy Merrett
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  • I read about it and got one as soon as it came out. I have to say it is very useful over a short range, say for losing objects within the house, but over a longer range ( say I wonder which way the dogs ran off! ) it is pretty poor.
    One benefit is that the tags beep for a minute after you have tried to locate them which makes it much easier to find them.
    I’m happy with it and have bought a couple of extra tags. Can’t say a bigger yea than that!

  • do you need to have a second handset and a tag on the first, in case you lose it…?


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