Loc8tor tagging stops you losing keys, children, teeth…


Launched in time for the holiday season, when apparently holidaymakers lose all sorts of things on the beach, the Loc8tor is a handheld device and miniature tagging system that lets you track the location of almost any item.

Their survey revealed that all manner of items get forgotten on holiday: 1 in 3 Britons have lost something ranging from passports, wallets and keys, to jewellery, and even false teeth. Almost 1 in 8 people have lost electronic items like mobiles, MP3 players and cameras.

Based on wireless technology, the Loc8tor will alert you if any item you’ve tagged becomes out of range. The tag dimensions are 19.5mm W x 30.5mm H x 8.5mm D, so they could be attached or placed in a variety of objects (not sure about false teeth, though).

If you do lose something, you can use Loc8tor to guide you to within an inch of its location. It has a range of up to 600 feet.

It comes with two tags, but up to 24 can be registered to one device.
There’s also an ‘Asset Protection’ upgrade that will allow 6000 tags to
be registered – that’s a lot of beachware.

Special ‘panic’ tags are available that a parent could attach to a child’s clothing to be alerted and locate a child that wanders too far away.

Of course, you mustn’t lose the Loc8tor itself.

The Loc8tor costs between £59.99 and £99.99 depending on the model, available from www.loc8tor.com

Andy Merrett
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