Skype offering free calls to anyone every Thursday in August


OK, you’ve got half of today left, and then four more Thursdays, to make totally free calls from Skype to your non-Skype mates on any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Yes, really.

OK, it’s not unlimited, but they’re still offering 100 free minutes to every UK registered user, dished out at 20 minutes each week.

Of course, they’re probably hoping you’ll enjoy chatting to people on your Skype connection so much that you’ll carry on calling them – hopefully then to convince them to get a broadband PC of their own so that you can carry on the conversation for free.

Sounds like a nice little promotion that’s easy to set up – just click on the ‘Get 20 Free Minutes Now’ banner and take it from there. If you’re not a Skypee yet, you’ll need to sign up at

Andy Merrett
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  • “totally free calls … to landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world.

    Yes, really.”

    Er, no not really actually. As anyone can see from more than a 2 second glance at the front page of Skype, it’s only calls to landlines and in just 30 countries.

    Hard to see how they could get the story this wrong by accident!

  • Yes I don’t know how *they* (oh hang on… *I*) could get it this wrong by accident – but I did. Wow, phew, that was a bigga mistaka to maka.

    Maybe I just listened to the wrong people, eh?

    But do note that it’s not on the front page of Skype. And I did ‘glance at it for more than 2 seconds’ (just to look at the pretty cartoons as much as anything else)

    But thanks for taking the trouble to point out their – err my mistake.

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