USB Mixing Kit – the bedroom DJ's dream


Fancy yourself as a superstar DJ but don’t want the expense (and clutter) of some decks, a mixer, speakers and a pile of vinyl records? You should take a look at the USB Mixing Kit – which plugs into your PC and mixes your digital tracks.

Yes, it’s a plug and play DJing set up. You get a two channel mixer, which you connect to your PC. Load up the software and your two virtual turntables appear on the screen. You then simply drag and drop your favourite tunes onto the decks to play – then get ready to mix and scratch! The mixer does also operate as a standard mixer, so you can use it with real decks if you like at a later date.

A Master Tempo allows you to adjust the speed of your music without altering the pitch, while Automatic Beat Matching does that job for you if you’re a beginner. There’s also a three band Equaliser per channel, sound looping, a microphone for adding your own vocals, volume boosts for each track and of course, the DJ headphones so you look the part.

The kit works with machines running Windows 98, 2000 or XP, or a Mac running OS9 or greater. It’s available now for around £100.

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