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You can hardly casually walk the streets these days without having to negotiate the sweating massed ranks of joggers, equipped with plastic water bottles, red faces and their music players of choice. And then there’s the gym brigade too. All potential customers for Sony;s latest portable player – the Sony S2 Sports Walkman.

If you’re after something to keep you company as you pound the streets, this water-resistant player, weighing in at just 28g and looking like a test tube, could well be the one. Available in both 1GB and 2GB sizes, it supports AAC, WMA and MP3 formats, along with Sony’s own ATRAC. And once you’re moving and listening, Sony has a couple of tricks up its sleeve –  a Music Pacer that changes your playlist according to your speed and Shuffle Shake which switches your tunes to random with just three shakes of the player. Or indeed, a twitch of the arm, as it comes complete with an armband for use on the road.

Add to that a step, distance and calorie counter and the ability to set targets through your music (run as long as the music plays) and you’ve got the ideal fitness companion.

No UK release date or price as yet – we’ll keep you posted.

Sony website

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