Tokyo game show to boast 27 playable PS3 games


Sony seems hell bent on putting the name ‘PS3’ on everyone’s lips at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The console manufacturer didn’t get a great response from its E3 efforts but it looks like it will be making up for that by putting 27 playable PlayStation 3 games on display. There’s a more complete list over at Games Digest, but highlights include: Ridge Racer 7, Gran Turismo, Heavenly Sword and Devil May Cry 4.

The PSP is also having a good outing with the new GPS and camera add-ons going on display. Playable and downloadable demos of 16 new titles, including 4 GPS compatible games, will be at the show and attendees will be able to save their favourite demos to their PSP’s Memory Sticks.

Loads more gaming news over at our siter-site Games Digest.

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