The Queen's English is our voice of choice for sat nav


   You can keep your accents – when it comes to talking gadgets, we want the Queen’s English. That’s according to a new survey from CoPilot, with Brummie also highlighted as the worst accent to listen to.

More than half of the 1,000 people surveyed (57%) demanded the Queen’s English for their sat nav systems. It even topped the polls in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. However, Celtic languages were some of the most favoured overall, with three of the top five accents including Southern Irish (19%), Scottish (13%) and Welsh (8%). But it’s bads new for Birmingham, with just 2% keen on a Brummie voice, closely followed by Mancunian and Cockney (3%).

According to Michael Kornhauser of ALK Technologies (the company behind CoPilot Live), the results could well shape future products: "These results show that most people expect their satellite navigation system to speak clear, concise English.  They also show that people demand some regional variations too – with the dulcet tones of Southern Ireland, Scottish accent and Welsh dialect all faring really well. Future versions of CoPilot Live will take this into account and give people the choice to have the accent that they really want."

The full results of the survey are after the turn.

If you had a sat nav system, which of the following voices, would you find most appealing and sexy?

Queen’s English 57%
Irish – Dublin  19.0%
Scottish 13%
Geordie 8%
Welsh  8%
Yorkshire 6%
Liverpool 5%
West Country 5%
Irish – Belfast 4%
Estuary (Essex) 4%
Other 3%
Cockney 3%
Mancunian 3%
Brummie 2%

If you had a sat nav system, which of the following voices, would you find the least appealing and sexy?

Brummie 37%
Liverpool 25%
Cockney 23%
Estuary (Essex) 15%
Irish – belfast 14%
Mancunian 14%
Scottish 12%
Geordie 12%
Queens English 12%
Welsh 12%
West Country 10%
Yorkshire 8%
Irish – Dublin 6%
Other 1%

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