The Jive Turkey psychedelic watch. Instant attraction…


This watch certainly wins for the bizarreness of the name – the Turkey Jive from the Japanese watch designer PIMP. Whether it wins anything else…

It features a ‘psychedelic animated display’ which is generated by 60 LEDs. It’s made from 100% solid stainless steel, and telling the time (which quite honestly doesn’t seem to be the main concern of this watch). 2 LED’s light up, one for the hours and a flashing one for the minutes. Great.

What seems to be the main purpose of this piece of wristwear is the ‘babe magnet’ effect (so I’ve heard). According to the Tokyo Flash site, one of the effects on the phone caused 3 different girls coming over to ask about the watch (yeah, about the watch, mate, they weren’t even looking at you). Still, he also got a free beer from the bartender.

As to how it works (bit more scientific in case you attract a geek girl), Tokyo Flash writes:

The new Pimp "Jive Turkey" utilizes several refractive mirrors and a
coated convex camera style lens to create the illusion of LED’s
reaching off into the distance. The effect is pretty amazing and
combined with the trademark Pimp animated display, it’s a real
psychedelic effect. (No drugs required) I can count about 8 levels back
refracting on each LED & there’s 60 LED’s in this watch.

It can be bought from Tokyo Flash, if you want to try out the effect yourself it’ll set you back around £75 plus shipping.

Regardless of what effect it might have (it’d have to work pretty darn
hard) I’m almost tempted to get one imported just to space out…

Jive Turkey (Via I4U)

Andy Merrett
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