Samsung launch Digimax L70 compact camera


Samsung’s Digimax camera range
is growing with the introduction of the L70 7.2 megapixel camera, done out in a black case with silver features.

It’s a slim 17.5mm with large 2.5 inch LCD screen that automatically adjusts itself to the surrounding environment. It has 3x optical zoom (fairly standard for compacts). It supports ISO 1000 which means capturing moving subjects should give better results. There’s also Advanced Shake Reduction for those of us who can’t keep still when taking a picture. The camera also features VGA movie mode at 30fps, with built-in pause, editing and zoom.

Samsung say that it’s really easy to navigate the functions of the camera thanks to the nine button touch and click control pad, bottom right of the camera back.

Dimensions are 96.8mm W x 61.8mm H x 26.4mm D with a weight of 136g, coming in September and retailing at £230.

Some have said that compact cameras have had their day, with mobile
phones taking their place and digital SLRs becoming cheaper for more
professional photos, but cool compacts like this one from Samsung
surely have to be considered. Prices are fantastic – seven megapixels
is outstanding (I paid this amount for a 4Mp camera only a couple of
years ago – ahh the speed of tech, eh?) and the features on
digi-compacts just seem to keep improving.

I want one.

Andy Merrett
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  • I have just purchased a Samsung L70, to replace a Premier DS-5080, because I needed a camera with a better Macro Mode, the Premier cost me £35 from Tesco, the Samsung cost £150 from Comet, the Premier is by far a better camera, easier to use and understand and the Macro Mode, to be honest I cannot tell the difference, very disappointed with the samsung.

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