New Platinum and Gold LG Chocolate phone

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LG gave further indications as to when we can expect the new coloured versions of the popular Chocolate phone, as well as previewing two new editions when I met them this week.

I saw the two new ‘premium’ versions – gold and platinum. These look the same as the classic version, but with a thin gold or silver strip running through the middle, with Gold/Platinum inscribed on it. Looks wise, they reminded me slightly of a packet of cigarettes, but the kind that might tempt a non-smoker to take it up. Besides this, the main enhancement is the inclusion of a 2 megapixel camera with light, where the previous model only had 1.3 megapixels. These are expected to arrive with us mid-November, making them prime Christmas list fodder. They’ll come at a similar price to the classic version, which was free on many networks with a £35ish contract.

Further to that, I got a proper look at the pink and white versions, both coming soon. The white version is designed to feel like an iPod Nano, with the same sheen to the paint and silver edging. n fact, it’s one of the more successful imitations, as the size and build quality of the phone lends itself well to it. Weirdly, when you first pick it up it feels thicker than the ‘classic’ Chocolate. This provokes several minutes of looking at the two side by side from every possible angle, only to discover that in fact, they’re exactly the same size. It just goes to prove that black is most definitely slimming. This is going to be available in the next 10 days, and in all likelihood, by next Friday (11th). Carphone Warehouse have a two week exclusivity deal, after which it’s expected to be everywhere.

The pink version is the hot pink we’re all used to from the Motorola RAZR, with the same red glowing buttons we expect from the classic Chocolate. Despite pink and red clashing no doubt it’ll be a huge seller. LG expect this to be THE pre-pay handset at Christmas time, when it’s expected to retail at about £150. The official launch will be in October, available on both pre-pay and contract.

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