iPod drives on: more car manufacturers to fit connections

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has signed deals with three large car manufacturers, General Motors, Ford and Mazda, to allow the iPod to be easily used in new cars’ stereo systems. In other words, no faffing about with FM transmitters or other third-party accessories.

Apple have said that by 2007, more that 70% of US vehicles will offer the iPod connection and controls. Some cars already have it, including Acura, Honda and DaimlerChrysler.

It looks like it will be an optional accessory that car buyers can purchase from dealerships. It will charge the device and make the tracks viewable on the dashboard display.

Whether this will make it over to the UK (I can imagine it on a big US Ford or Mazda, but not on one of our puny UK models…) remains to be seen, but the iPod drives on. (Hey, it’s bad pun Friday!)

Andy Merrett
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