PC Guardian – personal security for your laptop


Laptops aren’t cheap – so you don’t want to be losing one. And even more important is often the information stored on it. Which is why there’s a vibrant market for products to keep them safe, like the PC Guardian from Avanquest.

The PC Guardian is a retractable laptop security lock, designed specifically for those who travel with their laptop – and who might leave it unattended even for a short time. Plug it into your laptop’s built-in security slot, then wrap the cable around something secure (or that cannot be easily moved), then push the button to lock into place. It’ll not easily budge – to do that, you need the key – so make sure you don’t leave that nearby!

When you are done with it, it all retracts into a small package you can slip into your bag. It’s not rocket science, but it does offer security that could save you a bit of cash in the long run. The PC Guardian is available now for around £33.

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Dave Walker
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