Nokia launches the luxury 8800 Sirocco

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  Nokia is to release an enhanced version of its 8800 slider phone next month, keeping the looks, adding a much-needed higher-spec camera and changind the name to the 8800 Sirocco.

I thought the Sirocco was an old Volkswagen motor, but apparently its a strong wind. What that has to do with phones, I don’t know – but I do know that this phone features a 208 x 208, 262,144-colour display, 64MB of storage, Bluetooth with wireless stereo audio, MP3 ringtones and a digital music player. Battery time is eight days in standby and up to three hours talk time. Much of that was present in the older version, the one big new feature is the camera, boosted from a VGA model to two megapixel model. There’s also a redesigned keyboard and navigator control.

You can get your hnads on one in September, with no price as yet confirmed. But you’re unlikely to geet much change from £500.

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  • that was Scirocco from VW. and they just put out a new concept this month, the Iroc. so there’s nothing to do with the phone. Sirocco or Scirocco is the Italian name for a dry and dusty wind around Mediterranean Sea affecting Northern Africa and Southern Europe. that’s where the name comes from, just like the car.
    I used to own a ’69 VW Scirocco 🙂

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