Archos launches 604 and 404 personal video players

Personal video players

  Archos never really impacted on my life until a very dull evening channel-hopping led me to TV’s darkest hole – the shopping channels – where an enthusiastic gent was demonstrating one of their portable players. Unlike most items on such channels, it actually seemed like a decent piece of kit. And now they’ve updated the range, adding the 604 and 404 personal video players.

The new models have a hefty 30GB of storage, which should be good for up to 85 movies, 130 hours of TV, 300,000 photos, 15,000 songs or any number of PDFs. Portable does mean a small screen, with the 404’s screen just 3.5 inches, while the 604 features a 4.3-inch screen. However, one feature on these devices could outweight that downside – if you pick up the optional docking station, you can do scheduled or one-touch recording straight to the device from TV, DVD or cable. Which means you’ll be able to watch the end of that film you missed the night before on the train to work!

Prices are £220 for the 404, £270 for the 604 and an additional £70 for a docking station. Available from September

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