Toshiba launches TransMemory USB drives with U3 technology


Toshiba has launched a range of USB drives under the TransMemory label, all featuring U3 technology and with capacities up to 16GB.

In addition to the usual benefits of a USB drive (ease of use, size and portability), the drives also feature U3, which extends the use from a storage device to a host of applications and personal settings. Once you’ve configured a U3 drive and downloaded the free programs available, you can re-create a familiar computing environment on any PC, using email, a web browser and other programs – all with your settings. And once you’ve removed the drive, all traces of your presence are removed too. It’s also password protected for added security.

The smaller TransMemory U3 drives will be available at the end of November, while the limited edition 16GB drive will appear at the end of December. Prices to be confirmed.

Toshiba website

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