Microsoft Live Drive to offer 2Gb storage.

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Microsoft’s obsession with everything "Live" continues as it gave a few
details about its forthcoming ‘Live Drive’ service – yet another online
storage service.

But hey, this one you get to be tied into – sorry I mean synchronised –
from Vista, if it ever arrives and if you actually buy it.

Early indications are that it’ll offer a free 2 gigabytes of storage, with additional space available for a fee.

It’ll likely go head to head with Google, who are expected to announce a Google Drive service, as well as offerings from AOL, Yahoo, and a myriad of third party solutions.

Two gigs isn’t really a huge amount in the world of digital
entertainment, and it’s still an online solution that could lull users
into a false sense of security. Hmm… Microsft… security… yah well

It’s a continuing push by Microsoft to get you doing everything "Live"
and pledging your allegiance as one of the Redmond faithful.

Andy Merrett
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