Friendster gets $10m to rebrand and focus on young professionals


Remember Friendster? It’s trying to re-establish itself in the crowded and growing social networking space and has had a $10m cash injection to help it do so.

Friendster was pretty much first on the scene in terms of social networking, launching in 2002, but has fallen from favour as is very much the way with trendy sites that lose their appeal as quickly as they once became hot property, not least because of technical problems that drove people away to MySpace and Facebook, amongst others.

President of Friendster, Kent Lindstrom, has reportedly hinted that
they will try to rebrand and focus on the professional 20s and 30s

As we’ve said
here, you either have to be a member of a huge stack of these sites, or
else you go where the majority of your friends are – so it’s going to
be hard to see how Friendster will attract and keep the large numbers
of people it needs to be a worthwhile network for the young
professionals it seeks to attract.

What do you reckon? Does Friendster have a chance or is it a lost cause?

Andy Merrett
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