Fire up a storm with Mel Gibson's sawn-off shotgun on eBay

eBay goodies from Bayraider, Gadgets

Well, it doesn’t exactly belong to the actor, which is probably a good thing – imagine the fuss if he’d waved a shotgun about while being arrested by the LA cops. Instead, this sawn-off shotgun found by Bayraider is a prop from the original Mad Max movie, so has quite possibly not been touched by Mel himself.

Meanwhile, today Bayraider also has sneery-lipped crooner Chris Isaak’s illustrated guitar, some scary Charles Manson memorabilia, and a batch of sporty items including landmark baseballs, stuffed 1966 World Cup mascots, and 1200 photos of cheerleaders. Nice. None of them have shotguns though.

Stuart Dredge
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