The I-Deck – an old-style gramophone dock for your iPod

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Possibly the quirkiest iPod-related gadget I’ve seen in a long time is also one of the most mysterious, with litle known about the I-Deck except for its basic functionality and the name of its British designer – Michael Kennedy

The I-Deck (not to be confused with a similarly-named dock from Monitor) looks like a cross between an old-style gramophone (less the handle) and a record player spinning a 12-inch picture disc. In reality, it’s a docking station/speaker system for the iPod with a heavy emphasis on the sleeve art – something that’s often neglected in the digital age.

Plug in your iPod and see your cover art featured on the large LCD touchscreen, giving the impression of an old picture disc sat on a deck. However, the touchscreen does have functionality – flick the screen to skip a track on your iPod, fast forward through tracks by spinning the screen or if you just want to play a track, just turn it.

Details on price and availability seem scarce, which indicates that this could be a prototype dock. But as soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

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