Monitor Audio i-deck

MP3 players

I’m all in favour of enhanced
iPod docks and frankly the bigger the better. Odds are you won’t always
want listen to your music through earphones and, if your whole collection is
already to hand, it doesn’t make much sense to go rooting through you CDs.
These docking stations may well be paving the way to the demise of the
traditional Hi-Fi and Monitor Audio‘s i-deck seems to offer a good reason to
change sides. The focus of the i-deck is mostly volume, boasting 102dBA from the
stereo speakers but other than that there are little details to suggest
anything amazing in terms of clarity.

That aside, Monitor Audio has tried to
ensure that the i-deck is extremely versatile; it will attach to your PC/Mac via
USB or FireWire so that you can synch your device from the station and if you
don’t own the standard iPod you can get interchangeable bezels to suit the iPod
Mini and Photo. There’s also a slim remote control and an auxiliary audio
input, just to put the final boot into the old Hi-Fi. The i-deck will be available now
from the iDeck website at the cost of £249.


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